Academic Publications

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Book Chapter

  1. Marda, V. & Chaudhari, N. Competition Law and Standard Essential Patents in India, Forthcoming. IDRC Pervasive Technologies Project, The Centre for Internet and Society.

Reports and White Papers

  1. Marda, V. & Milan, S. Wisdom of the Crowd: Multi-stakeholder perspectives on the Fake News Debate, Internet Policy Observatory, Annenberg School of Communication, University of Pennsylvania, May 2018.
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  11. Technology Business Incubators: An Indian Perspective and Implementation Guidance Report, July 2015.

 Submissions to International Processes

  1. Submission to the House of Lords Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence, Article 19, September 2017.
  2. Comments on Proposed Renewal of .NET Registry Agreement, The Centre for Internet and Society. May 2017
  3. Comments on the Proposed ICANN Community Anti-Harassment Policy, The Centre for Internet and Society. January 2017.
  4. Inputs to the Working Group on Enhanced Cooperation on Public Policy Issues Pertaining to the Internet (WGEC), December 2016.
  5. The Internet’s Core Resources are a Global Public Good – They Cannot Remain Subject to One Country’s Jurisdiction, November 2016.
  6. Submission on Revisions to ICANN Expected Standards of Behavior, The Centre for Internet and Society. June 2016.
  7. Submission on Draft New ICANN By-laws, The Centre for Internet and Society. May 2016.
  8. Response to the Draft Proposal to Transition the Stewardship of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) Functions from the U.S. Commerce Department’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration, The Centre for Internet and Society. August 2015.

Submissions to the Indian Government

  1. Submission to Telecom Regulatory Authority of India’s Consultation on Proliferation of Broadband through Public Wi­Fi Networks, The Centre for Internet and Society. August 2016.
  2. Comments on the Reserve Bank of India’s Consultation Paper on Peer to Peer Lending, The Centre for Internet and Society. June 2016.
  3. Position Paper on Net Neutrality in India (Background Submission to TRAI), The Centre for Internet and Society. April 2015.


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Working Papers

  1. “Network neutrality discourse in India, South Africa and Brazil”, Global Commission on Internet Governance (with Sunil   Abraham).