Publicly available courses or course material that I’m currently studying, attempting to understand and hoping to complete.

The reason I list them out is three fold: accountability, the prospect of learning from people who have already worked through these courses, and sharing what I learn as I go.

  1. Calling Bullshit : My main objective with this course is to better articulate why some claims are (and are not) bullshit, to improve my ability to clearly communicate my disagreement. Currently on Week 3: The Ecology of Bullshit.
  2. Understanding Computers and the Internet: While I’ve worked on strengthening my technical knowledge of internet infrastructure, this course offers a systematic process for it. Currently on Lecture 4: The Internet.
  3. Machine Learning: I went through this a while back in a less-than-organized fashion, as a result of which I didn’t fully internalize the later chapters. Take 2. Currently on Lecture 2.3